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Keynote for Student Assemblies - “How Will You outdoyou?”

Time: 45 - 50 minutes

Fact: Self-esteem is in high demand and low supply. In a culture where young adults are bombarded with messages attacking their identities, it is dangerously easy to look in the mirror and not like who you see, which is a huge problem! Why?


Fact: A high self-esteem is the most important factor in determining whether a person will live a happy, accomplished, fulfilling life. Furthermore, people with a high self-esteem help others develop a high self-esteem. How?

Fact: Turning negative thoughts into positive action creates high self-esteem!

In his signature keynote “How Will You outdoyou?”, Sean addresses the problem of low self-esteem head on. In doing so, he offers solutions that encourage young adults to:

  • Look in the mirror. (Challenge your assumptions)

  • Love it. (“Be your own best friend”)

  • Now go above it. (Help others develop a high self-esteem)


Energized by interactive rapping, compelling storytelling, and Sean’s unmatched stage presence, “How Will You outdoyou?” will not only have your entire student body off their feet and electrified, but by the speech’s end they will be inspired to create sustainable change by turning negative thoughts into positive action and then helping others do the same.