Sean’s presentation and engagement with the students at our state conference were hands down the best I’ve seen since we’ve gone to state.”
— Jessica Martinez, Activities Director

Sean made an almost instant connection with my students with his high energy, engaging presentation. The feedback I received from my students was overwhelmingly positive, and many asked how soon we could have him come back to our school.
— Bill Duncan, Activities Director

We invited Sean to our high school to help inspire some of our struggling students at our Student Success Night. He ended our evening program with his message-packed performance. In a manner that connects with today’s young people, Sean was able to effectively inspire and motivate our students with excitement and enthusiasm.
His bottom-line message is one of promoting acceptance of self and others for who they are. Sean is all about creating connections, forming relationships, and building community. I recommend him unequivocally.
— Dean Leh, Assistant Principal

I would recommend Sean any day of the week! As a DECA teacher, I invited him to speak to my classes. The students, who were getting ready for finals and summer (i.e. losing interest in school), were particularly interested in and engaged by what he had to say. We all loved it and were both inspired and entertained by his presentation.
— Elley Lifke, DECA Advisor

We brought Sean in to consult our new school’s student-led Constitutional Convention. He was instrumental in guiding and questioning the students in a way that ignited selfless and purpose-driven discussion among them. Ultimately this led to the formation of a student government that facilitated the growth and continuation of a rich school culture.  Sean was able to reach the students by relating, driving thought-provoking questions, and only as he can, resetting the focus and intention of the group with his rapping.
— Jay English, Teacher

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