Ritch Experience

Sean Ritch is a professional speaker, rapper, and high school teacher who helps young adults embrace who they are by having them “Look in the mirror. Love it. Then go above it.” Through his electric stage presence, Sean offers teens the tools they need to turn negative thoughts into positive action.

Sean’s one-of-a-kind personality has influenced thousands of middle and high school students. His unique teaching approach even inspired a news story (“The Rapping Teacher”) that recently caught the attention of several national news outlets. Watch the story above!

Meet Sean Ritch!

Ritch Engagement

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Sean is engaging! Sean is enlightening! Sean is earnest! Sean is energizing! He had students and advisors on their feet, participating in the leadership rap he created for our NMASC state conference! When his words took a more thought-provoking tone, the silence was impressively eerie – the audience connected with him. He “rapped” up his message with everyone energized – singing, dancing along with the Motivational Rapper!
— Mary Hahn, NMASC Executive Director

Ritch Integrity

Sean’s unique blend of music, message, and moral integrity is something every kid in America needs to experience.
— Bob Tryanski, Speaker, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur


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